La Nación

A pianist in the kingdom of freedom. Far from paradigms of equilibrium and measure, Carusi has exhibited a highly unprecedented piano tract, with explosions and extreme freedom of time and regularity. And the most incredible thing was that this sort of exoticism worked wonderfully well. With an impeccable technique and a clear typing to the last detail, Carusi has exaggerated some times, clearly highlighted the counterpoints of the musical texture, attenuated the intensity of the speed passages in the high register while emphasizing the bass that supports them and has not stopped to adorn and color the repetitions, a very typical routine of that time but that few pianists put into practice. So Scarlatti’s Sonatas, Italian and Mediterranean, seemed more theatrical, more exciting, mutli-mutable and, at the same time, strictly baroque.
Pablo Kohan

La Nacion su Nazzareno Carusi - Pablo Kohan - 22 novembre 2016