Nazzareno Carusi and Vittorio Sgarbi in “Discorso a Due”. The pianist from Abruzzo and the art Critic are two of the most great figures of the whole Italian Culture. The jewel of the recital is the melologue invented by the pianist on Dante. Here, Carusi immerses himself in an overwhelming execution for sound images and feelings made to come from the keyboard. For all, it is worth the final Presto without a touch of resonance pedal, dry as impregnable sparks. It takes courage to deal with those four lines of jumps on the keyboard, after tens of pages even physically exhausting. His Dante is a hurricane of music and poetry, to which the reciting voice of Sgarbi is the ideal companion. From the piano, by heart and with absolute control of himself, of the “Années de Pèlerinage”, of the Dante’s masterpiece and of Professor Sgarbi himself (by the way, Sgarbi is watching the pianist continuously, incredibly, waiting for the sign of the attack as a disciple looks at his maestro), Carusi holds the ranks without batting an eyelid or losing a beat. It’s not everyone’s and it’s awesome.
Giulia Ambrosio
Amadeus sul Discorso a Due di Nazzareno Carusi e Vittorio Sgarbi - Giulia Ambrosio - 19 dicembre 2017